• Hardcover:  96 pages
  • Publisher: Willow Creek Press (September 1, 2005)
  • ISBN-10: 1595432434
  • ISBN-13: 978-1595432438


Why Babies Do That

Why Babies Do That

Baffling Baby Behavior Explained

As soft, warm, and cuddly as they are, babies often display puzzling behaviors that can startle, concern, and leave both novice parents and seasoned grandparents scratching their collective heads in bemusement.After all, many newborns emerge into the world with cone-shaped heads, half-closed eyes, and wrinkled, peeling skin. Some even have acne.As they grow, they continue to make funny noises, they find specs of dust in the air so fascinating they will cross their eyes to follow them, they enjoy sucking on their own toes, and they cough, splutter, spit up, and drool!

This unique books explains key baby behaviors parents and other caregivers encounter in babies between 0 and one year old.

The behaviors range from the truly bizarre (why do babies play with their own poop?) to the truly lovable (why do babies love to be cuddled?) and everything in between.

This witty and informative book not only informs but also inspires the reader to play peek-a-boo, cuddle, bounce, and enjoy everything unique about babies.

In photographs and prose, Why Babies Do That captures some of a baby’s finest, albeit fleeting, moments.