Jennifer Margulis Author Events: May and June 2017

Looking for Jennifer Margulis? Want to meet a birth advocate, medical freedom activist, and children’s health author in real life? Here’s where you’ll find Jennifer Margulis in May and June 2017:

♥ In Springfield, Oregon at the Bellies, Birth, & Babies Expo this Saturday hosted by the Doulas of Lane County. Jennifer will be tabling and talking to mamas and papas and anyone else who stops by;

♥ With the Vaxxed bus the week of June 12 (Jennifer Margulis will be a groupie in Eugene on June 14 and part of a Q & A panel with Dr. Suzanne Humphries, M.D. and Polly Tommey);

♥ Speaking at the Children’s March for Humanity on June 17th, 2017 in Portland, Oregon.

Meet Jennifer Margulis at the Bellies, Birth, and Babies Expo in Springfield, Oregon May 6, 2017

Meet Jennifer Margulis in person at the Bellies, Birth, and Babies Expo in Springfield, Oregon May 6, 2017


Saturday May 6: Bellies, Birth, and Babies Expo

The 7th annual Bellies, Birth, & Babies Expo

Bob Keefer Center for Sports and Recreation
250 S 32nd St
Springfield, Oregon (near Eugene)

Dr. William Sears, M.D., beloved doctor and author of over 40 books, is the keynote speaker at this event.

Dr. William Sears, M.D.Biography of Dr. William Sears, M.D.

Saturday, June 17, 2017: Children’s March for Humanity

Saturday June 17 is the Children's March for Humanity. Jennifer Margulis will be speaking at the march in Portland, Oregon

Saturday June 17 is the Children’s March for Humanity. Jennifer Margulis will be speaking at the march in Portland, Oregon


Children’s March for Humanity with Paul Thomas, M.D., and Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D.


Where else can you find Jennifer Margulis?

We’re glad you asked. Without even changing out of your pajamas, you can …

Hear Jennifer speak about health pregnancy, safe vaccine choices, acetaminophen, and medical freedom at the Future of Immunity Conference in Seattle, Washington;

Watch Jennifer urge the media to write more fairly and honestly about vaccine injury and our bloated vaccine schedule at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.;

Observe her attempt to jump onto a counter in Dr. Paul Thomas’s office in their book trailer. (She fails.)

Jennifer Margulis author headshot. Do vaccines and Tylenol cause autism? Read the guest post on her blog about how this boy's autism was caused by vaccines and TylenolJennifer Margulis, Ph.D., is an investigative journalist, book author, and Fulbright awardee. She is the author of Your Baby, Your Way: Taking Charge of Your Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Parenting Decisions for a Happier, Healthier Family and co-author (with Paul Thomas, M.D.) of The Vaccine-Friendly Plan. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Watch her in the series, The Truth About Vaccines



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  1. mary from Toronto

    Congratulations, Jennifer. I wholeheartedly applaud and encourage you in your work for the children. May God bless you, protecting you from harm and enlarging the impact of your message, so that it penetrates America and extends far beyond national boundaries.

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