Looking For a NYC Doula

Do I need a NYC doula? What do NYC doulas do? The scoop on a New York City doula via Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D.

It’s fun to have a baby, be the baby, and be the doula! I love the look on their faces. Photo courtesy of Doula Lauren.


Are you looking for a NYC doula? The word doula is weird. It’s Greek for slave. But it’s used in English to mean a birth attendant who is neither a doctor nor a midwife. If you’re a crunchy granola mama, you know all about doulas, all your friends are doulas, and you’ve hired one to attend your birth. If you aren’t, you haven’t the faintest.


Why Hire a Doula?


Continuous support during labor helps women feel more satisfied with their overall labor experiences and increases the likelihood of vaginal birth, according to the Cochrane Collaboration.


These researchers conclude, “All women should have support throughout labour and birth.”


Et Voilà. That’s why you hire a NYC doula.


What Do Doulas Do?

  • Attend hospital births
  • Attend home births
  • Help you at home and then go with you to the hospital
  • Provide moral support, birth smarts, and soothing words of reassurance for the birthing mama and her partner
  • Advocate for moms in labor and their partners to help them stick to their birth plans
  • Other stuff, like posting cool updates on Facebook and writing interesting blogs.


I actually don’t know that many doulas. The East Coast vibe might be different but the ones I do know here on the West Coast tend to be very healthy, very earthy, very kind, and very patient.


Patience is key.


It can take a l-o-n-g time to have a baby, especially the first time.


I have a friend, Lauren Kunis, who’s a NYC doula.


We hang on Facebook. I like her public posts, and appreciate the private messages she sends just to me.


We both love birth. And supporting birthing women (which I do through my journalism and the books I write and she does by being there, beside mamas and their partners as they birth in New York hospitals.)


I’m a homebirth and unassisted birth mom. NYC doula, Doula Lauren, specializes in hospital birth.


We have agreed to appreciate each other’s differences.


She’s been a doula for ten years. And she’s been there, done that many, many times.


So What’s It REALLY Like to be a NYC Doula?


At one of Doula Lauren’s births early on in her career, she was standing near the mother’s legs so she could inform her of where the baby’s head was and encourage her that she was almost done. The mama and everyone else in the room were very excited that the water was still intact and that the baby might be born in the caul. Doula Lauren was right there when … the baby’s head was birthed the water broke, ALL OVER HER.


About three years ago it happened again, only this time she did not get the spoils of the amniotic fluid.


I’ll let her tell this one:


“Mom was laboring and the doctor had just left the room. Mom and I were there alone. The doctor had just informed her he wanted to break her water [editor’s note: that means manually rupture the sac of amniotic fluid that surrounds and cushions the baby] and if when he came back he did not see any changes he was going to do so. Mom and I were talking. I was working on distraction and relaxation techniques with her. And then we heard an ear-splitting popping noise and the amniotic bag of waters exploded. It made it all the way to the wall! We laughed so hard. To this day that mom and I joke about that moment.”


NYC doula's cat Sadie is reading the Amazon bestseller, The Vaccine-Friendly Plan by Dr. Paul Thomas and Dr. Jennifer Margulis

Sadie the Cat took a break from reading The Vaccine-Friendly Plan to do some work at the computer. Photo courtesy of Doula Lauren.


Doula Lauren’s Cat Sadie


Doula Lauren recently posted a photo of her cat Sadie, helping her with some recent research on vaccine safety, efficacy, and necessity.


Sadie, I’m told, is the boss of the house. Everything in Doula Lauren’s house is actually Sadie’s: the computer, the food, the water, the couch.


Doula Lauren is her human.


Sadie loves to sit on and at the computer. She’s also an avid reader. Her favorite topics to read about on the computer? Birth, of course, and—what else—the book I mailed to Lauren a couple weeks ago, co-authored by Paul Thomas, M.D.: The Vaccine- Friendly Plan. Lauren’s already read it and Sadie’s helping her compile research from it for when she teaches childbirth education classes to her clients to help inform them of the most updated information about vaccines.


Her website:



Check it out.


Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D., is the author of Your Baby, Your Way (Scribner), and co-author, with Paul Thomas, M.D., of The Vaccine-Friendly Plan (Ballantine). Follow her on Facebook (here and here), Twitter, and Pinterest. Watch her in the documentary mini-series, “The Truth About Vaccines.”


In other news, my writer friend Kim Griswell has a brand new book coming out this fall. She made this advertisement to support the Rogue Valley Peace Choir. My littlest and I LOVE her two other Rufus books, illustrated by Valeri Gorbachev, and we can’t wait to read Rufus Blasts Off.

Expand your mind, open your heart. Books that make a difference by Kim Griswell and Jennifer Margulis

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