Keeping A Family Journal Teaching Skit and Workshop

Cast of characters:

Mother: Jennifer

Daughter’s friend: Athena


Athena knocks on the door

A: Jennifer, can Athena come out to play?

J: Sorry, she’s gone to the Parent-Daughter fair.

A: What are YOU doing?

J: Preparing my workshop on keeping a family journal.

A: A family journal? What’s that?

J: It’s kind of a cross between a diary, a scrapbook, a guest log, and a drawing book. It’s anything you want it to be.

A: I could never do that, I’m a horrible speller.

J: Spelling doesn’t matter, neither does grammar.

A: I’m sure my mom and dad would forget to write in it.

J: Sometimes we don’t write in ours for weeks, or even months. That doesn’t matter either.

A: Do you have to write a lot?

J: No, even a sentence or two is enough!

A: Could I draw pictures? I like to draw!

J: Absolutely!

A: What did you mean by a guest book?

J: When people come to visit—like grandparents or even friends—we ask them to write or draw something in the family journal.

A: It sounds so cool. Can I come to your workshop?


1) After performing skit, ask participants to introduce themselves, say something about their family, and what they think a family journal is.

2) Ask the child to trace the parent’s hand and write something about the parent in each of the five fingers.

3) Then ask the parent trace the child’s hand and write something about the parent in each of the five fingers.

4) Let participants spend twenty minutes free writing in their family journals.

5) Invite volunteers to share.

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