Making Facebook Memes

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time over on my Business of Baby Facebook page.

It’s all Kris Bordessa‘s fault.

She has a community Facebook page called Attainable Sustainable.

It used to have about 2 LIKES.

Now it has over 130,000 LIKES.

No, she didn’t buy them. (Yes, you can actually buy LIKES on Facebook, which proves the point that anything–from positive pregnancy tests to wigs for babies–is for sale.)

I’ve known Kris for years. We go way back to the days when she didn’t have so many LIKES.

But unlike other celebrities (you know who you are), Kris is still talking to little old me, of only 2,600-FB-LIKES fame.

So when I called her to ask her to share her secrets about how to build a fan base on Facebook, even though her husband was convalescing from a broken something or other, Kris was still glad to talk to me.

Her real secret? Providing excellent content to enhance people’s lives.

One of Kris’s suggestions to get that excellent content out there is to make memes. For the uninitiated, a meme (rhymes with ream) is  an idea that spreads from one person to another.

The best way to spread ideas on Facebook is through photographs or info-graphs or other pictures with catchy phrases on them. (That’s actually what I thought a meme was but when I Googled it right now, I found out the definition was a bit more philosophical and a bit less pictorial.)

So, I’ve been making memes.

In PowerPoint.

Because Photoshop: a) doesn’t work on my computer since my old one crashed and b) takes a long time for what my 12-year-old daughter calls my “small brain capacity” to process.

But said daughter is a genius on PowerPoint. She taught me some tricks. I taught myself some more.

A meme I made last week got 11,000 views. That’s nada compared to Attainable Sustainable but a lotta for social-media-challenged me. Another photo I posted, of a mama breastfeeding triplets, got over 90,000 views.

Some of the memes I’ve made that I think will resonate have completely failed, either getting no shares and very few views or garnering nasty comments. Others have surprised me by spreading like wildfire.

Tomorrow’s Christmas Eve. I have a present for all y’all: Memes!

Steal ’em, share ’em, copy ’em, post ’em.

Or don’t.

If you’re interested, I am happy to post more details about how to make memes in PowerPoint or other programs and I can also share more of my failures with you. Leave a comment, tweet this post, post it on FB, or otherwise get noisy, and I promise to do some follow-ups. ☺ If I don’t hear from you, I’ll assume you’re not interested… ☹

‘Tis the season to be induced. A lot of people I know, readers, and expectant women who are on-line have been talking about being pressured into inductions. That led me to make these two memes:

No Elective Inductions



‘Tis the season to have a cold and go to the doctor for treatment.

I wrote an article about how to talk so your doctor will listen and listen so your doc will talk and made this meme, from a photograph I took (don’t you love the look on that baby’s face?) in order to link to the article.

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 4.56.47 PM

“I don’t get it,” my 12-year-old says. I guess that meme isn’t as funny as I think it is…

‘Tis also the season to be crafty and play games. If you missed my tutorial on how to make pop-up puppets, you’ve got to read it (even though the photos are of, shall we say, not the highest quality). Here’s a meme for the game our family will play tomorrow night:

The And Game for Christmas Eve

And, finally, ’tis also the season to celebrate home and family and gentleness and kindness and inclusion and love:


The Original Home Birth Jennifer Margulis

Merry Christmas (if you celebrate it. I don’t. But my family does. So I guess that means I do too.)

Happy holidays.

Here’s a spiked eggnog to us all surviving and thriving over winter break!

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  1. Good Golly Ms. Margulis!

    Eleven thousand and 90,000!?!? Perhaps my page just hasn’t been up long enough, but I’m thrilled when I get 500 views for a meme! What the heck?

    Congratulations to you and to your friend Kris! Apparently I need to do some research and steal some ideas! 😉

    Happy Holidays!



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