Gone Fishing

Painting by William Dyce

I am heading to the East Coast tomorrow to take care of affairs related to my mom’s estate.

If you’re just visiting for the first time, my mom died in November. You can read more about that here and here.

Friends who have lost loves ones tell me that it gets better with time.

I wish I could say that has been true for me. So far it hasn’t.

My mother died of a massive brain hemorrhage almost seven months ago but it feels like it was just yesterday that my brother was telling James the call was urgent and to put me on the phone.

Today my 11-year-old graduated from elementary school. She walked through the canopy of white and blue balloons with a wide smile on her face and I started sobbing, though you couldn’t see the tears on the outside.

I was missing my mom, wishing I could call her to tell her how beautiful and confident Athena looked, and remembering when she came to my elementary school graduation.

I am not bringing my computer and I won’t be updating this blog.

The book I’m writing, The Business of Baby, is coming out in April 2013.

The revisions are due in July.

Then we are traveling to visit my husband’s 93-year-old grandmother and the rest of the family. I have no idea what kind of Internet access I’ll have on the road.

I hope my regular readers will forgive me if I’m not back in full force for awhile.

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If you need to reach me, please contact my agent.

Wishing everyone in the cybersphere a happy June.

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  1. Jennifer,

    I lost my mother two-and-a-half years ago and also had a daughter graduate from elementary school this month.

    My brother gave me a Kaddish band to wear for the first year of our mother’s death (think Lance Armstrong band in black), even though both of us had challenging relationships with her and I don’t practice any religion. I didn’t think I would keep it on, but I did, and derived much comfort from it as the months ticked by and I wasn’t feeling better. By the end of the eleventh month, as I contemplated removing it, I realized I was ready. My wrist felt naked that first month, but over time I got used to it. Now, the best of my mother lives on in my memory and I’ve buried the parts of her that drove me crazy (except when I’m having moments with my own daughters that would benefit from the perspective of my own mother-daughter drama). But on graduation days and other times, I wish she were here.
    I sent you a note a few months ago to say that I had visited the University of Chicago Lab School and they have a nice framed photo of your mom in the entryway.
    I’m sorry for your loss and for all of our losses. It is the inevitable, bittersweet part of making the passage from youth to mid-life and beyond.
    Alison Krupnick recently posted…Pink PigMy Profile

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