Going Fishing (to Chicago, NY, and LA)

My 5-month-old daughter Leone and I have a lot of work-related travel coming up:

We leave this Thursday to go to Rock Valley College, where I’m teaching a writing workshop and giving a speech. Here’s the description:

What West Africa’s Last Wild Giraffes Can Teach You About Writing: How to Make Money and Follow Your Dreams
A Talk by Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D.

Have you ever read a magazine article and thought, “I want to write something like this”? Have you ever dreamed about someone else paying your expenses to travel someplace exotic? In an engaging, interactive, multi-media presentation award-winning writer Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D.–who makes a living writing about travel and culture–will show you how. Beginning with the back story of her cover article in Smithsonian Magazine (“Looking Up: West Africa’s Last Wild Giraffes”), Margulis will give you concrete and inspiring advice about how to write about travel–and your other passions–and even make some money along the way.

Then next week we’ll be going to New York City, where I’m moderating a panel on travel writing at ASJA, accepting an ASJA award, and meeting with friends, family, fellow-writers, and editors.

A few weeks later I’m heading to Los Angeles for three days to attend the Maggie Award ceremony, meet with editors, and meet in person–finally!!–several writers I’ve “known” through correspondence, editing, and the Internet, for years.

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