BlogHer Conference August 6th and 7th in New York City

Baby Leone is not the only one drooling.

When I read through this agenda for the 2010 BlogHer conference, I really want to be there.

The conference is supposed to be a lot of fun and an incredible chance to learn about social media and to do some In Real Life Networking. My friend Meagan went last year and had a fabulous time. What’s more, I’m told a lot of bloggers bring their babies.

But Baby Leone, who is three months old today, and I are going to be traveling twice in April for work: once to Chicago, where I’ve been invited to give a talk about writing at Rock Valley College, and the following weekend to New York City, where I’ll be moderating a panel on travel writing. The idea of going back East again feels a bit overwhelming.

That said, I’ve applied for one of the coveted volunteer positions. Getting it is a huge long shot — I’m sure they have hundreds of others who have applied — but if that comes through and the $300 in conference fees, etc. is waived, Leone and I are on that airplane.

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  1. I hope you get to go! They should know to grab a volunteer of your caliber!! Unfortunately, this conference is right in the midst of our high season, so no chance I can go as long as I’m an innkeeper!

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