Don't Say Yes Too Quickly

I made a rookie writing mistake a few weeks ago that I’m still mad at myself for making.

An editor wrote to me with an assignment.

Every writer’s dream is for editors to suggest assignments. Especially on a topic of interest. Especially when it’s to write an essay.

The sluggish economy and the changing face of the print world has really put a strain on the writing business and I’ve been feeling it.

So I said yes to the assignment immediately.

That was my mistake.

When I re-read the e-mail I realized that the magazine was offering me a lower rate than I have been paid for two previous articles for them.

It would have been simple and easy for me to say, “I’d like to do it but you need to pay me my regular rate.”

I love working for this magazine. I loved writing the essay. The editors were happy with the essay I wrote and the back-and-forth with them has been great. Bottom line: I’m delighted to be doing this assignment.

But I’m still kicking myself for not asking for more money, which I have no doubt they would have happily agreed to.

Moral of the story: Be happy when assignments come to you but don’t say yes too quickly.

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  1. Susan Buscaglia

    “Underemployment”, the new buzz word in our flailing economy, tends to make us panic into taking what we can get. That is not always the best strategy or use of time in the long run. I am learning to use what I call the ‘rule of three’. Pause for three minutes, hours, days or whatever fits the situation. I find after I have “slept on it”, I am clearer and more comfortable with my, then, action. Not reaction.

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