Tips For Traveling with a Potty Trainer

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Maybe you’re still struggling to potty train your almost 4-year-old or maybe one morning your toddler decided to wear Big Kid underpants on his own and hasn’t had an accident since. Either way, traveling with a kid who’s potty training — or has just mastered doing things the grown-up way — adds a whole new dimension to your trip.

“Traveling can lead to more accidents but it won’t sabotage the potty training,” says Richard Rende, a developmental psychologist at Brown University.

“Some parents worry that if you don’t keep on top of potty training at all times, the child will never learn. But the good news is that’s not true.”

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  1. shu-huei

    This article brings back memories of what a stressful time it was when gg was going through potty training. I thought gg would never get there until he turned 30. And I thought I has inflicted such psychological injuries on him from my disappointed looks and occasional harsh words.

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