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Letterboxing in Lithia Park is a great family activity

Letterboxing in Lithia Park is a great family activity

This one is about geocaching and letterboxing in southern Oregon, something our family tried for the first time recently.

Here’s an excerpt:

Brett did it with her nephews in the Sahara. Jody said it was a great way to explore her home state of North Carolina with her 7-year-old and 4-year-old. Zach’s family does it whenever they visit a new place.

It sounded intriguing, but what the heck is geocaching? And how does a family get in on the game?

Find someone with a new iPhone. These costly little contraptions include a GPS system as well as everywhere-access to the Internet. Since you need a GPS, as soon as you get one you’re in business.

“Do we make money?” the 5-year-old in this writer’s family asked, totally excited by the idea of a “geo-cash.”

You can read the full article and see photos on-line here.

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